About Us

The Whm

Whm is an Omani Establishment, and the first brand of its kind which produce henna stickers in the world. Whm started as a producer of henna stickers, which is very popular in GCC and middle east and then, expanded in dealing with ladies accessories as well. Having a distinctive touch, Whm can add more meaning for things, Whm desire to let people feel of their imaginations come true with its products.

The Vision 

To create a professional brand which add a beauty and luxury touch on each of its users, in all occasions, every time.

The Values

Quality, Professionalism, and Luxury

Whm products are known by their simplicity and minimalistic design, it also takes into account the practicality of the product in addition to the creative design. 

The Founder

Al Jabri is the founder and owner of the first brand of its kind in the world that emerged from Oman to the rest of the globe.

Until now, Al Jabri is keeping the story of  the company’s name as a secret.

“ We are in Whm looking to make our world professional, our Whm is our world.We share our thinking, our success through our products. From another prospective, you can provide, bring something different, unusual and then, you can add your mark, your shine and your imagination which makes your work the best there is “ Al Jabri.